Product description

The Mamba project majestically combines form, function and material to give rise to a piece with a sensual feel and look, a piece that seems to materialize from and disappear into the wall, a piece which springs from the designer's considerations about the material, its intrinsic and extrinsic properties, and the way it is processed. The result of the idea of a continuous strip which traces an organic figure on the wall is a new type of furnishing complement , a unique blend of shelf, desk and table with LED light source.

Shelf / hanging writing desk. The wavy shape and the tapered thickness add a strong visual impact to the product's design and image. The shelf is made of matt white Cristalplant®*, a composite material made up of natural minerals, acrylic material and polymer polyesters.

Width1350 mm
Height930 mm
Depth400 mm
Table top shaperectangular
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MDF Italia, Italy

Victor Vasilev