Product description

Little less than two years since the development of Mamba, one of the projects that won the “Cristalplant Design Contest– Touchable Emotions” award, the designer renews his object following different standards and goals such as: the will of developing a product that can easily interact with the rest of the company’s collection and a version without any LED light source, though respecting the original design.

Victor Vasilev redesigns the shelf/hanging desk, freeing it from the material – the Cristalplant – and from the LED, two important design constraints associated with the contest which the object was designed for and following the dictates of the “Less is more” philosophy. Thus an object of great synthesis has been created, that is multifunctional, versatile, a sign of great rigour in full compliance with its initial design.

Thanks to the simplicity, linearity and purity of its shape, Mamba Light lends itself to different uses and domestic environments – from the living room to the children room, up to the studio – as a sober hanging desk or as a decorative shelf. The introduction of colour represents a further distinguishing feature for Mamba Light that allows for a wider end-use of the product as against the original project, in different living contexts. Shelf / hanging writing desk. The wavy shape and the tapered thickness add a strong visual impact to the product's design and image. The shelf is made of matt white Cristalplant®*, a composite material made up of natural minerals, acrylic material and polymer polyesters.

Width 1340 mm
Height 440 mm
Depth 400 mm
Table top shape rectangular
Material wood (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of brown
shades of orange
shades of blue
shades of beige
shades of yellow
shades of grey
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