Product description

Quark, the system designed by Luca Nichetto was born from the common interest of both company and designer to explore the subject of storage by analysing the evolution in progress since the advent of the Internet and the new communication media that have deeply changed the storage concept as against two years ago.

Assuming that storage is completely different from the past, the idea was to develop a cross object, without a precise location in the house, a sort of alphabet made of modules that, according to their assembly, create highly different layouts, depending either on a thought or on the function they must perform.

The big ambition was to design a nomad object capable of adapting to plenty ofarchitectural situations and to customise its aesthetics depending on needs andfunctions. In a highly dynamic historical age in which people often change either citiesor flats, this system enables to explode, reduce or decompose compositions, thusadapting to new architectures.

One of the technical features that define and make the system unique is materiality: theuse of different materials and finishes. To increase the appeal of both the object andsingle modules, the work wasn’t only aesthetic, but also technological, in order tocustomise the whole system depending on the empathy you’d like to create with theobject. The relationship with the people does not only come from the module’s colour orfinish, but lies in the configuration itself.

The system enables to show and store books and objects turning into a coffer for theobjects to be shown and at the same time turning into closed storage units to hide thecontent. Everything supported by a framework that enables this technology to survive.A modular system bringing together a series of different, functional and decorativeelements, surfaces and lamps, each combinable with each other to create wall and floorcompositions.

A perforated panel is the base for numerous compositions and acts as a visual link amongthe composing parts. Adapting to new and different environments, Quark features a few units to more complexschemes, reinventing its characteristics through a wide choice of colors and finishes.


MDF Italia, Italy

Luca Nichetto

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