Product description

A natural evolution of the Sign project, which with its classic glossy finish transforms into a striking single-material unit with a matt finish. The new material and the updated chromatic range make it possible to use this product both indoors and outdoors.  

Structure and finish

The single-material load-bearing structure is in polyethylene (PE)*, moulded with rotational moulding technology. Available in matt variants in the colours white, mud, navy blue, cement, and corten. Only white, the purest and most delicate colour, is made with a particular mixture called EASY CLEAN. A specific additive added to the initial plastic material facilitates the cleaning and the maintenance phases. * The material (PE) can present some impurities internally, due to particular production treatments, which are included in the accepted quality standards. Supplied with a removable foot, easily interchangeable to ensure perfect adaptation to every type of surface or flooring.      

Wide color range availibility (extra from the standard) for lot >25 pieces (per color). Feasibility, prices and lead times to be verified with the sales dept.  

Outdoor use

The particular resistance of polyethylene and its simple maintenance make Sign perfect both indoors and outdoors.

Width490 mm
Height745 mm
Depth580 mm
Weight10 kg
Height of seat450 mm
Materialpolyethylene (PE)
shades of grey
shades of blue
shades of brown
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MDF Italia, Italy

Piergiorgio Cazzaniga