Product description

Formal lightweight, graphic sign, simple design, harmonious aesthetics,essentiality are the hallmarks of Super_Position bookcase family, designed byJean Nouvel Design.

“Overlapped lines are a tribute to the lightness of horizontality.Uninterrupted vertical lines cross the shelves, which extend like small divingboards into the void.Objects, vases and sculptures can express their differences of scale in emptyspaces, in the niches in the middle or on the ends of the overlapped lines.”
Jean Nouvel

A collection of shelves that interprets the company’s design philosophy,recovering the traditional use of aluminium, a material that is part of thecompany’s DNA, to which the brand has associated its fame and image for along time. Super_Position features uprights and shelves in extruded aluminium,assembled by using an invisible junction system, capable of ensuring structurestability and a special resistance to loads.

Depth400 mm

MDF Italia, Italy

Jean Nouvel

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