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Product description

“We can now ‘print’ an object directly from digital information – molds will just disappear. People have no idea yet what an incredible change in technology that is. And what that means for design. All design will become meta-design: objects can now be a

range-of-objects like in a family or a species. Like zebra or oaks, or strawberries, or of course, people: not one is the same, but they are similar enough to be recognised. We designed the Mylight.MGX in such a way that the differences would be easily r

eadable, without making them too different. They can be big on top, big in the middle, or big below. They can have many holes or just a few. But they will always be private, each lamp you buy is different from the others, it’s unique.”- Lars Spuybroek


Energy saving lamp, E27, Max 13W

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapeorganic
Length200 mm
Width160 mm
Height300 mm
Materialpolymide / nylon (PA)

MGX by Materialise, Belgium