Cooker hood DA 6096 W Black Wing

Cooker hood DA 6096 W Black Wing
Product description

In terms of design and function, the new Black Wing Music is derived from its sister model, the DA 6096 W, which has been on sale since 2014. This model is currently test winner with Germany's leading consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest (StiWa 3/2016), achieving top marks for air recirculation, the removal of odours and very low operating sound levels. The design of this model is a boon in particular to taller users as its 90 cm glass canopy is inclined upwards away from the head, offering plenty of room for manoeuvring. The Black Wing Music is therefore classified as a headroom hood.

Music is relayed via a Bluetooth connection. This product is compatible with all common smartphones and tablets – and the range of music is virtually limitless, thanks to streaming services, radio stations or personal favourites lists. A compact amplifier and two loudspeakers ensure right sound, all invisibly stowed away inside the unit. Sound emanates from vibration speakers, so-called exciters, with the appliance casing serving as a soundbox.

The canopy features two energy-efficient and long-life LED downlights and can be operated either as a vented or recirculation unit. 10-ply stainless-steel grease filters for high-level grease extraction and the CleanCover – a canopy liner – count among the quality features so typical of Miele. Miele also offers a chimney section which is only necessary if vent ducting has to be routed upwards towards the ceiling. Low operating sound levels contribute to untainted listening pleasure, even when the cooker hood is in operation.

Width8980 mm
Height5470 mm
Depth5230 mm

Miele, Germany