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Product description

No teapot has ever created an uproar equal to that made by the introduction of the mono- classic in 1983. Tea aficionados and design enthusiasts alike cheered the triumphant synthesis of form and function. The idea of making the sieve almost the same s

ize as the teapot itself, was a stroke of genius – the tea leaves now would have room to expand and fully release their aroma. Traditional tea brewing methods – tea balls, small sieves, and of course tea bags - all had a major shortcoming, the

y restrain the leaves, never letting them release their full flavor. The traditional English tea brewing method of pouring hot water over the leaves and leaving them in the teapot usually results in an unpleasant after taste. mono-classic combines the adv

antages of established steeping methods while at the same time encouraging the full development of the leaves’ flavor. The use of non-porous materials further assures the purity of the brew: the sieve is made of stainless steel mesh, and the pot is

heat resistant Duran glass. Intelligent and deliberate details further enhance the pleasure. The absolute geometry of the glass bowl ensures that the last vestige of tea containing the dregs remains in the pot. The mono-classic teapot is perfection, and

justifies its place in the annals of design.

Length175 - 240 mm
Width140 - 19 mm
Height125 - 220 mm
Diameter140 - 170 mm
Materialstainless steel

mono, Germany

Tassilo von Grolman