mono gemiini

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Product description

A most prominent member of the mono family of products is no doubt the gemiini porcelain series – coffee, tea and dinner services. Captivating through the unique usage of pure, adorned, white porcelain combined with the sleekness of stainless ste

el, and the clarity of its lines. Most notable is the abundance of intelligent details: the teapot handle that holds the lid in place while pouring, the precise fit of the tea infuser; the cantilevered warmer with its free-hanging tea candle. All saucers

have a convex center instead of the usual indentation. The tea service includes a large teapot (50 oz), a small teapot (20 oz), an herbal tea mug for single servings, and they all include a fine mesh stainless steel strainer. All cups are stackable, with

the metal ring serving as stacking guide. The centerpiece of the coffee service is a 50 oz coffeepot with removable stainless mesh strainer. Cups come in four different sizes, coffee, demitasse and espresso.

Functions stackable
Material metals
Colors white

mono, Germany

Mikaela Dörfel