HA2 Work

Product description

Everything happens at the desk
"Absolutely everything can happen at a desk. It’s a focal point, like a fountain in the village".
Stefan Wewerka 1986.

Stefan Wewerka was both an artist and an architect. His work is multi-dimensional, ranging from fashion to film and from office furnishing to buildings. Beginning as an architect, Stefan Werweka later devoted himself to object art, where the desk and the chair have been his preferred mediums.

Stefan Werweka has for example worked with untraditional approaches to desk design. Although looking deceptively out of line, the Montana-manufactured HA Work and HA2 Work tables (height adjustable work desks) have proven to be an optimal workspace, uniting the feeling of the meeting room with that of the individual work place.

HA Work and HA2 Work are electric height-adjustable tables that can be adjusted for both seated and standing work. HA2 work is also available with manual Fix adjustment. The depth of the table tops provides plenty of room for keyboard, screen, armrest and good viewing distance. The frames are designed to provide free leg space. Both table tops and the frames come in a wide variety of colours and surfaces.

Functionsheight adjustable

Montana, Denmark

Stefan Wewerka