Light Shade Shade d95

Light Shade Shade d95
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Product description

‘Light Shade Shade’ is a one way mirror that reflects its environment as well as concealing the chandelier within. When the light is turned on, the ‘Light Shade Shade’ reveals its unforeseen identity and projects the former beauty

that lies within.
The Light Shade Shade is part of the Moooi weer collection and may also be sold without the inner Shade to breath life back to your aging chandelier.

Height760 mm
Diameter950 mm
Emission classA - E
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapecylindrical
Inspection seal /certificationUL (USA)
Diameter head of lamp950 mm
Pendant length4000 - 10000 mm
Materialmirror glass
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Moooi, Netherlands

Jurgen Bey

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