22 Gasoline Stations
Nov 26, 2009

Will the good old gas station soon become extinct? We do not yet know whether we will in future charge our electric cars at kiosks, get the power we need from a socket at the hairdresser's, or rely on batteries recharging while we are at the supermarket. It does seem inevitable, however, that in the age of post-fossil energy gas stations will undergo fundamental changes. That is not to forget that in recent decades they already adapted to the passage of time. From beginnings with simple pumps they have long since morphed into convenience stores that even offer automotive components, wash n'polish systems and a bakery.

Before the pumps start to disappear, let us commemorate the good old petrol pumps - in the form of 22 images selected from among the first one hundred hits that Google offers if you enter "gas station". Gas_Station_Museum2.jpg %20a%20gas%20station%20near%20you.jpg %20Monument%20Valley/Hollow%20Mountain%20Gas%20Station.jpg %20foot%20of%20Veteran%27s%20Blvd%20and%20HWY%2090,%20Biloxi.jpg %20a%20gas%20station%20near%20you%202.jpg store-i-95-dunn-nc/GAS%20STATION-CONVENIENCE%20STORE%20-1.JPG