Alex Bergman liebt das Kombinieren

Jan 14, 2016

There can be no doubting that with his “Candyofnie” installation Alex Bergman is driving personalization. Eight different shapes and 11 different colores spell an incredibly immense number of possible permutations for the new Fatboy luminaire. And the designer is proudly showing this at the imm cologne, where the new luminaire is staged as an outsized item of jewelry. Not that the installation is made of sugar, as the name might suggest, but it is certainly candy for the eye.

Do you like jewelry?

Alex Bergman: Well, this isn’t jewelry, it’s our new lamp, and it allows you to combine different colors and shapes.

So how tall do you have to be to wear the beautiful necklace?

To be honest, if you want to wear the lamp round your neck and compare it with a normal necklace, then you’d need to be 5,80meters tall.

How many possible permutations are there?

There’s a total of 3,637,682,549,757,080 possible combinations.