A birch forest for more quiet
Apr 26, 2016

For the office space or at least the “Innovation Hub”, Karen Choi at EMKC selected a colorful, casual look that exudes the improvised charm of co-working spaces. The office spaces for the Australian firm headquartered in Melbourne had been professionally planned and particular attention was paid to sound insulation. The colored elements on the walls are not simply decorative; instead, the BuzziTiles act as effective acoustic panels, which markedly improve ambient sound while considerably dampening noise in the office.

Especially in open-plan offices or flexible office landscapes such as this, it is not always easy to concentrate and not feel disturbed by colleagues working, making phone calls or talking, or gathering round a desk for a spontaneous meeting. Although provision has been made in the 600 square meters of the “Innovation Hub” for employees to be alone or hold conferences, the colorful and differently patterned tiles help enhance employees’ sense of wellbeing.

The panels came into their own after EMKC’s Karen Choi decided to strip the unappealing office interior of gray carpets and suspended ceilings down to its shell. The result: bare concrete ceilings that ensured the space had a pleasant height, but they and the exposed brick walls produced noise-reflecting surfaces. Which is why she chose the square elements from BuzziTiles in different colors and textures. They not only absorb the sound but also produce a varied wall design. The tiles from BuzziSpace come in different colors and three-dimensional surface structures, and can be arranged to create appealing wall reliefs.

The tiles also form a real eyecatcher in the entrance lobby. Reminiscent of a forest of birch trees, the relief is just one of the options in BuzziSpace`s acoustic panel range. The felt elements of BuzziFalls Karen Choi has chosen hang in front of a lush green wall and above a bed of gravel. Who says that offices always have to be gray? (rw)

Two different elements create ideal acoustics: The square BuzziTiles and the BuzziFalls with the silhouette of a birch forest. Photo © Peter Bennetts

The square acoustic BuzziTiles by BuzziSpace create a pleasant ambient sound even in combination with bare concrete walls. Photo © Peter Bennetts

Sound-insulated places for employees to be alone were created in double-glazed conference zones inbetween the open office. Photo © Peter Bennetts

EMKC’s Karen Choi lent the dull office rooms a pleasant height and made for pleasant colored accents. Photo © Peter Bennetts

In Melbourne, too, the table football unit has become a basic element of a contemporary office. Photo © Peter Bennetts

BuzziTiles are offered in various shades including a subdued gray. The different surface structures of BuzziTiles offer great variety. Photo © BuzziSpace