A carpet for games

„Stadt, Land, Fluss“ von Lyk Carpet

Sep 8, 2015
All photos © lyk carpet

Ein wollwarmer Untergrund in satten Farben bietet den idealen Rahmen für eine Entdeckertour durch Stadt, Land und Fluss.

The idea of playing games on the floor has a whole new, high-quality appeal with these beautiful circular carpets from Berlin makers “Lyk Carpet”. The woven tracks of feet and animals kindle a child’s imagination and lead one to ask: Who wandered around in this city, country, or river?

Made of Tibetan highland pure wool and knotted the traditional crafts way, the highly dense knots are colored using vegetable dyes, and ensure these plain, modern carpets with a 1.20-meter diameter are bound to become the kids’ favorite place in the house. They can equally be used for the daily morning circle or for games in childcare centers. The high-grade products, which the Berlin label insists are manufactured in a “fair, social and ecologically correct” manner, will later look great in any room in the apartment, once the period of concentrated games on the floor has been and gone. (uma)

Tibetan highland pure wool, 100 knots per square inch

Mist (country), indigo (river), orchid (city)