A game for Narcissi
Loop Mirror by Front
for Porro
Mar 27, 2014

It all started in 2009 with the “Black & White” sideboard, followed by the dresser “Inlay” and the “Balancing Boxes” and several other items besides. And now the youngest brainchild of the fruitful collaboration of Front and Porro is seeing the light of day at the Salone. Allow us to introduce you to the “Loop Mirror”. Slender, elegant, poetic. Two wooden loops embrace two mirrors that gaze at each other. Many are the associations, from narcissistic self-reflection to shells or powder jars. Or perhaps a reclining eight as the symbol of infinity? But careful: When you step up very close to the “Loop”, your own image disappears in the mirror image of the mirror. (mm)

Photo © Porro
Pavillion 7 Stand D15, E18

Salone Internazionale del Mobile
April 8 through 13, 2014
Milan, Trade fair grounds, Rho

Fuori Salone: Porro presents "Woodenland" -
an installation by Piero Lissoni
c/o Porro duriniquindici
Via Durini 15
8-13 April 10–21:00