A little bit of hocus-pocus

Pascal Bosetti betätigt
sich als Magier.

Jan 15, 2016

It’s hard to avoid the fascination exerted by a kaleidoscope as the fragments constantly combine to create new images. Hardly do you think you have grasped the outline of something than the image has changed again. Visitors to Pascal Bosetti’s installation at the imm cologne will probably feel fairly similar: The young designer has created an out-sized kaleidoscope on behalf of Conmoto, das which seemingly breaks the “Mito” chair down into fragments and duplicates it to form yet another version, depending on exactly where you move to.

Do you love illusions? Do you like magic tricks?

Pascal Bosetti: Yes! I always wanted to become a magician – but my mother didn't approve. So now I am a designer trying to indulge my old passion. A lot of my projects start with a series of bizarre objects behaving in seemingly impossible ways. This makes me question my own perspective and creates space for new concepts. In the drafting process itself I am mostly inspired by simple and natural things such as structures, forms and colours, especially by objects used for purposes other than intended and by pieces of furniture that tell their own stories.

Do you love kaleidoscopes?

A kaleidoscope creates new realities. There is no up and down, no left and right. It fragments, duplicates and recomposes. The principles involved contain a big aesthetic component. Therefore, the presentation of the chair „Mito“ becomes an interactive installation. The visitors view it – while passing – from different angles and see the chair in various compositions. An unexpected preview of what will be shown at the Conmoto stand. Beautiful forms, maths and interaction. Everything I love – apart from maths.