A Perfect Ensemble

What makes an evening at a concert or the theater a good one? The way a piece is staged, of course. And naturally the whole atmosphere, full of expectation and at the same time ceremonious. This is thanks to a perfect interplay of all those small elements – both visible and invisible – that combine to shape such an evening. From the design in the foyer, to the galleries, to the lighting, materials and acoustics – and let’s not forget the architecture here, which also plays an instrumental role. After all, it constitutes the stage, scenery and sound box in one.

And the new Musiktheater Linz is a reflection of this interplay. Within its own urban setting it constitutes a node that connects the city center and the Volksgarten, to which it opens itself up with an extensive glazed façade. But the fascinating nature of the new musical hall’s architecture goes far beyond the surface. As the old adage goes, it’s what is on the inside that counts: namely, the theater hall, the “Great Orchestra Hall” and the multi-purpose hall. Each of these three centerpieces is master of the differing requirements imposed by both spoken theater and concerts. For, as is also the case in staging, here too even the smallest detail is important: Acoustic and visual experience must come together to offer a perfect ensemble – no matter which piece is on stage.

The Main Hall is dominated by its acacia wood surfaces and the golden balcony façades coated in real metal. This elegant material and color combination forms an important element of the design concept, which is continued throughout the entire building and makes for a particularly ceremonious atmosphere. But the complex stage technology remains concealed from the audience’s gaze, in the floors and the acoustic panels – it is these elements that enable the halls to strike the right tone. In order to accommodate all of the halls’ different requirements, the project required a strong partner such as the Lindner Group. Specialists in interior fit-out, insulation and construction-related services and technology, they were in charge of both the acoustic planning and the sophisticated interior design. As such the Musiktheater Linz has joined a string of references that Lindner has collected in this field – which already includes the Stavanger Konserthus in Norway and the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

Dark wood and high-quality features in metal make for an elegant atmosphere in the Musiktheater Linz. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
Dark wood and high-quality features in metal make for an elegant atmosphere in the Musiktheater Linz. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
The accurate material combinations and perfect detailing on the building’s interior create a harmonious overall impression. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
NORIT, multi-purpose industrial panels by Lindner, were put to use in the U-shaped balcony façades. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
e, which serves to absorb sound. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
To provide as realistic conditions as possible for musicians, the team opted for stepped flooring, namely the FLOOR and more® arena system by Lindner. This way the musicians are able to play at different seat heights. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
when needed. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
All surfaces installed boast optimum acoustic properties and were produced on the basis of the building’s acoustic report – and the red seating hasn’t been forgotten. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
the hall with light. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
s. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker
The foyer of the Musiktheater Linz opens out to the Volksgarten via a wide staircase. The sleek and elegant materials that shape the façade are also reflected in the interior design. Photo: © Dirk Schoenmaker

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