A perfect island

„Archipel“ von Claudia Hüskes

Sep 6, 2015
Photos © Claudia Hüskes

Die Kindermöbelserie „Archipel“ fügt sich mit ihrer klar durchdachten modularen Ausstattung sowohl in öffentliche als auch private Räume ein.

Toys are often very colorful. Pink may be only a passing phase, but red, yellow and blue remain omnipresent in kids’ rooms in the long term and in all sorts of variants. “Which is why the furniture should be more restrained,” Claudia Hüskes commented in an interview in 2013. The Düsseldorf-based designer has done her level best to act accordingly, first of all with her award-winning series of furniture for infants, “Jundado”, and in 2014 no less successfully with her versatile modules in the “Archipel” series. Children aged one year and upwards and their parents will thank her for this.

White is the basic color of the modules, which are made of laminated birch plywood. By contrast, upholstery covers and belts that hold the individual elements together and stabilize them in the process, are in bright red. Since they have a generally restrained design and yet are aesthetically pleasing, the combinations of play and seat areas ingeniously enhance even the smallest rooms. They therefore also fit perfectly in children’s zones in restaurants or museums. (uma)

Birch Multiplex coated in melamine resin
Upholstery covers: Trevira CS

Filling: PUR foam, upholstery padding

Sizes (wxhxd):
Combination of 4: 116x70x58 centimeters
Combination of 2: 58x70x58 centimeters
Play table/tunnel: 116x70x58 centimeters
Seating chest: 45x45x25 centimeters
Shelf with roll-out drawer: 58x70x29 centimeters