A Quantum of Product Placement
by Claudia Beckmann | Dec 8, 2008
Leaf by DEDON

If this time round James Bond seeks solace, then there are many reasons for it, but they definitely do not include the bad furniture in the world in which he moves. As always, the film offers unbelievable chase scenes, this time not on skis or other sport appliances, but more with Aston Martin, moped and jet, and with all manner of high-tech equipment, striking special effects and of course amazingly beautiful women. And that is by no means all. Anyone active in Her Majesty's Service will have to take profound decisions, and take them in the right setting - after all it is a matter of saving the world. And thus once again, alongside Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko, furniture plays an important role.

Right at the beginning, Daniel Craig picks up his new assignment from Judi Dench as "M" at the secret service's London HQ " - where the office is decked out with the "AL Management" line by Austria's Bene company. The product series exudes precisely that sense of intelligence and precision one would expect from the head of MI6. The unflinching dame sits leisurely on an elegant "Silver" swivel office chair from Interstuhl. But time is precious, especially if you are called James Bond. And so he does not tarry lone, but leaves hastily, to save the world from evil once again.

This time the hunt takes him, among other places, to Panama. And the sleek look immediately becomes more Southern in feel, at least as regards the upholstered furniture. In the hotel suite at Grand Hotel Bolivara, B&B Italia provides the seating, from Antonio Citterio's Maxalto Collection - the "Talamo" bed from the "AC" Collection and the "Hypnos" bedside table and "MAX" desk from the "Simplice" series. And Dedon also provides a brunette beauty for the time spent in the sun, in the form of its "Leaf" recliner.

In the new Bonds it is not just countless luxurious cars, fast speedboats and expensive watches that put in an appearance in order to emphasize 007's masculinity and high-class lifestyle. For this time architecture and design also place a central role. Evidently the more secret the mission, the better the design. Now if that isn't a quantum of solace.

Leaf by DEDON
AL Management by Bene
Silver by Interstuhl
Leaf by DEDON
Hypnos by B&B Italia