A table for many years to come

„Growing table“ von Olaf Schroeder

Sep 2, 2015
All photos © Olaf Schroeder

Die leichte Neigung und ein nachhaltiges Design machen dieses Set aus Tisch, Bank und stilvollem Zubehör zum Klassiker von morgen.

Industrial designer Olaf Schroeder creates things that “are meaningful and appeal to the senses”. Quite a standard, but one Schroeder repeatedly achieves with his projects. For example, his “Growing Table” desk, launched in 2009, a no-frills item that is as discerning as it is uncluttered in appearance.

The table and bench are intended for children aged 3-12. To enable the seat and table height to be adjusted to the children as they grow, Schroeder has opted for simple and yet ingenious slot connections: As a result, the solid beech table and bench legs angle slightly outward and can be easily set at four different heights. Moreover, utensils such as a large roll of painting paper, a book rest, a stand for notepaper and a holder for pens and pencils can be fastened to the top. The ensemble is rounded out by stackable container drawers made of the same material. Whether the designer’s reduced formal idiom then influences the children’s sense of order and disorder is anyone’s guess. (uma)

Top: birch Multiplex, HPL coated
Legs: solid natural beech, untreated

Top: 120x65 centimeters, grows in 4 steps from 42 to 72 centimeters in height
Bench top: 80x42 centimeters, grows parallel in 4 steps
Slot tools optionally as a HPL Multiplex top coated red
Alternatively complete in waxed beech Multiplex