A workplace overlooking vineyards – with luminaires by Nimbus
Feb 17, 2015

Today’s modern workplace is not just about good chairs and an attractive office design, but also the right lighting conditions: Not only does light have a stimulating effect on the human body, it also inspires our senses. It regulates our sleeping-waking rhythm, our body temperature, and our hormone production. Good lighting at the workplace revives tired office staff and aids concentration. In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (IHK) new headquarters in downtown Stuttgart, the spacious architecture and technical luminaires by Nimbus create such an ideal working environment.

wulf architekten from Stuttgart is the brain behind the new IHK head office. The architects designed a u-shaped, five-storey building providing 7,800 square meters of usable floor space. Located in the direct vicinity of the railway station the complex offers staff and visitors a fantastic view of the adjoining vineyards. The public areas comprising 30 conference rooms and three functions rooms are situated on the ground floor and first floor, while open-plan offices and a cafeteria for IHK staff have been installed on the upper floors.

Little suns for the foyer

The architects opted for LED luminaires by Nimbus. An automatic system ensures that even on dull days and in the twilight, a constant level of brightness and daylight conditions are achieved in the offices. In the ceiling of the large lobby, for example, the square luminaires from the “Module Q” series were installed, which harmonize perfectly with the geometric ceiling pattern. They are extremely flat – just ten millimeters high, and thanks to their matt, translucent acrylic glass panel also impress with minimalist design. Their direct and consistent light makes it easy for visitors in particular to find their way in the expansive foyer.

Strip lighting for the offices

For the seminar rooms and open-plan offices the architects chose the elongated luminaires “Module L196” and “Module L112”. Several suspension luminaires were lined up using special connectors and placed directly over the rows of desks. “It would be ideal if office workers were exposed to as much daylight as possible. Sadly, that is seldom feasible, especially in open-plan offices. The luminaires by Nimbus offer a good alternative. Thanks to their performance of 4,000 Kelvin they provide even and glare-free light for the workplace,” explain the architects. “Using wide-area lighting also lets you divide the work zones up clearly so that the entire room can be well covered.” Acoustic panels by Rosso, a brand of the Nimbus Group also make for good working conditions. Covered with an acoustic wool material the colored textile panels from the “Rossoacoustic TP30” series are highly sound-absorbent so that despite the high level of sound in the office employees can still concentrate well.

Architects: wulf architekten (Tobias Wulf, Kai Bierich, Alexander Vohl)
Project management: Sonja Schmuker
Project architects: Fabian Geiger, Nicole Ehni, Philip Furtwängler, Victor Gross, Axel Mannhorst, Sebastian Stocker

The strip lighting of the “Module L196” large-area luminaires ensures even lighting at the workplace.
Photo © Brigida González
Small clouds for the cafeteria – with luminaires from the “Module R” series. Photo © Brigida González
Office for parents with children with little playground. Photo © Brigida González
Colourful highlights in the office – with “Rossoacoustic TP30 Knit“ panels. Photo © Brigida González
And their looks impress: the luminaires from the “Module Q” series with translucent acrylic glass.
Photo © Frank Ockert for Nimbus Group
Glowing patterns for the suspended ceiling in foyer of the IHK – with “Module Q” luminaires by Nimbus. Photo © Brigida González
In the conference room the large-area luminaires harmonize perfectly with the ceiling pattern.
Photo © Brigida González
With special module connectors you can combine up to three „L 196“ linear luminaires. Photo © Brigida González
View to the vineyard at work. Photo © Brigida González
The suspended LED large-area luminaire “Module L196” is extremely slim, and with a height of just 19 millimeters it is ideal for large-area lighting. Photo © Frank Ockert for Nimbus Group

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