Acapulco Design 2022: LOW TABLE

The "Low Table" by Acapulco Design consists of a metal frame and a terrazzo top, which together give a distinctive appearance.

The "Low Table" designed by Olivia Herms is part of a series for which Benjamin Caja, founder of Acapulco Design, has reinterpreted Mexican midcentury furniture together with various German designers. In terms of design, the new "Low Table" is based on the "Ring Table" already developed for Acapulco Design in 2021 – a round dining table with a metal frame and a terrazzo top. In the "Low Table", too, a central ring brings the table legs and the tabletop together, resulting in a filigree, butterfly-shaped pattern. The ring is a central feature of Acapulco Design products, which can already be found in the core and original product "Original Acapulco Chairs". The "Low Table" with its powder-coated frame made of galvanized steel has a table height of 36 centimeters, while the diameter of the terrazzo plates is 65 centimeters. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is available in three finishes Memphis, Azteca and Citrus, which give it a distinctive appearance.