Stylepark raffle
An attractive all-rounder

Stylepark is holding a draw for an award-winning “Zenso” lounge chair by Zeitraum.

Formstelle has designed a family of chairs for Zeitraum that is appealing in every version with a uniform formal language,” was the Jury verdict when in 2018 “Zenso” received the Stylepark Selected Award. The “flagship” of the series is the lounge chair – an item that achieves a balance between a clear physical presence and a delicate appearance. It is neither overbearing and dominating nor does it fade into the background. This makes the “Zenso” lounge chair extremely versatile. It feels equally at home in public spaces and private ones, in waiting rooms or in living rooms.

All new subscribers to our Newsletter are eligible to win this attractive all-rounder!

This raffle is unfortunately already finished.