Applications and installation technology

Bijlard International (NL)

Hall 7 Stand D20


A good idea, not much effort, and a big benefit: with the “sqraper” it is possible to spread silane-based adhesives easily and work at the edges cleanly. The tool’s straight and sloping sides are also extremely advantageous for economical use and scraping every last bit of adhesive out of its bucket.

Debomat (BE)

Hall 5 Stand C47


The square elements of the system can be grouped to make mats and samples of any desired size, and damaged areas can be replaced without difficulty. The material, polypropylene, is stabilised by a tile base of bitumen that also ensures reliable protection against fire.

Earthwerks (US)

Hall 6 Stand E28


DB22 is equally suitable for floors that are glued and for those with a click system. The environmentally friendly and light polyester fleece gives highly effective sound insulation, despite its thinness. It is easy to lay, as it is flexible and can be cut without difficulty.

FP Floor Protector (AT)

Hall 8 Stand C16

Fidbox Electronic Monitoring System

Adapted to the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the floor-laying system can now also be used as a mobile phone app. It shows the relative humidity and room temperature, and records these measurements in the long term as information about the room climate.

iDeck (IT)

Hall 9 Stand A60

iDecking Easyclick System

A simple laying system that ensures the precise positioning of boards without the use of any tools. The matching boards, Duro Terrassendielen, consist of 50 per cent rice husks, an agricultural waste product that is completely recyclable.

iDeck (IT)

Hall 9 Stand A60


Simple but effective: iJack, the decking spacer, is slotted into the existing slit beneath a board and acts as a spacer for the end gap between boards. It fits various systems and effectively prevents slipping due to expansion or shrinking processes.

Instafloor (ZA)

Hall 6 Stand H16


Instacradle is made from recycled car tyres. These small assistants are pre-manufactured in different sizes. They are a smart alternative to wooden spacer blocks or wedges, and reliably fix wooden base pieces so that nothing can slip.

Loba (GE)

Hall 7 Stand A37

2K Invisibleprotect A.T.

Following impregnation of the surface with this lacquer, the parquet floor feels completely natural. It is water-based and almost invisible on the surface of the wood. The wood looks to have been oiled and is well protected against scratches.

Lofec (GE)

Halle 7 Stand E47

Lofec surface heating

An excellent development: previously Lofec electric surface heating could only be used for tiles. Now it is also suitable for design floors in bathrooms. Its heating strips consist of a carbon-fibre structure, 0.5 mm thick, that can be laid on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Mapei (GE)

Hall 7 Stand A30

Mapesonic 4 LVT

This thin insulating underlay was specially developed for use beneath resilient design flooring. It considerably improves insulation of footfall sound and can bridge cracks of up to 8 mm. The coverings can be glued, including wet gluing, or laid floating.

Mapei (GE)

Hall 7 Stand A30

Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT

An adhesive for all coverings: by using new raw materials, Mapei has further developed Eco S1000. The polymer adhesive Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT replaces a two-component adhesive. It is suitable for all materials and has received the Blue Angel Award.

Parchettificio Garbelotto (IT)

Hall 8 Stand D19

Clip up System

The boards and skirting of this system are mobile and flexible in use. It is easy to remove them for replacement or use in another place. “Clip up” is equally suitable for trade-fair stands or other temporary buildings and for rented apartments.

Selit Dämmtechnik (GE)

Hall 7 Stand C36

Selitbloc 1.5 mm Aquastop Easy

This insulating underlay has a damp-protection foil, is thin, convenient to handle and easy to lay. Its self-adhesive PET tape has the new “easy click+” contour. It glues and interlocks the rolls of underlay so that the connection is reliable.

Wakol (GE)

Hall 7 Stand A41

Wakol MS 325 silane primer

The first MS damp blocker that can be applied by roller or trowel with a reinforcing effect is silane-based. Low viscosity characterises this primer, and its application saves time at a later stage: it is applied in one process and dries in three to four hours.

Wakol (GE)

Hall 7 Stand A41

Wakol MS 550 PVC and rubber adhesive

Difficult laying processes, for which two-component PU adhesives were needed in the past, can now be carried out using the one-component Wakol MS 550 adhesive. It is suitable for reliable gluing of PVC design flooring, and also sustainable and solvent-free.

Wasziederij de Vesting (NL)

Hall 9 Stand B12

LED Hard Wax Oil

Innovative and available in many colours, this LED hard wax oil hardens immediately on contact with UV light. It contains a unique blend of oils, waxes and resins with solvent-free additives, and therefore does not smell.