At home in a container
Nov 13, 2010

The invitation states that the container "has established itself as a universal means of transport. And it is now a source of fascination to many architects as well. For them, this logistics icon is a component, a prefabricated module. Standardized, robust, stackable and internationally available, it would seem to be tailor-made for modern architecture. This steel box is also cheap and can be put up and dismantled quickly.

Originally intended for hauling freight, containers are now used to create entire student villages, prize-winning residential buildings and cruise terminals. They sit atop New York roofs in the form of high-end penthouses, and stack up into four-star hotels and apartment blocks. Designers transform them into mobile holiday homes and even occasionally into saunas. Containers have also recently emerged as micro-houses, rapidly-erected dwellings following disasters, temporary buildings ... they have become an idea with a future.

NRW-Forum is asking renowned architects, designers and artists from all over the world to submit designs for container buildings they have already completed, as well as for new designs. These will then be constructed using 1:5-scale models of containers, which will be complemented by sketches and photos.

If you are interested in taking part in the project you can find out more at or you can contact Werner Lippert, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf,