Room for individuality with AXOR "Make it yours!"

A Personalized World of Color

In its current “Make it yours!” campaign AXOR demonstrates how color can help design individual bathroom scenarios where luxury, haptics and sensuality converge.
by Alexander Russ | 9/12/2023

Colors are an important part of our lives. They are a sensory enrichment, provide a sense of orientation, and influence how we experience space. The impact they have on us has occupied mankind from prehistoric times until today – whether in prehistoric cave paintings or modern art. Colors offer an almost inexhaustible creative palette capable of producing impressive forms of expression. It is thus hardly surprising that AXOR’s “Make it yours!” promotion campaign is devoted to the options color offers. As part of this campaign, the design brand of the Hansgrohe Group has published a whitepaper demonstrating how an personalized luxurious style can become reality in the bathroom, for example with “AXOR FinishPlus” and its broad range of selected colors, finishes, and materials. Starting with just one bathroom designers can choose from 11 basic colors. When designing for 30 bathrooms and upwards there are also five special colors available. And anyone desiring even greater individuality can even have special designs and lasered, printed or engraved signets made for them with the “AXOR Signature Service”.

AXOR not only presents the opportunities offered by color via its manufacturing expertise, but also in the guise of specific bathroom concepts – such as “Utopian Dream”, which was masterminded by Spanish design studio Masquespacio for a hotel suite. For the concept, the two designers Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse combined religious elements with a post-modern formal language. The result is a 20-square-meter room embedded in a skyscraper backdrop. Here, the interplay of colors and surfaces creates a dynamic interaction between the gleaming columns and the red reflections of the surrounding metropolis. The bathroom becomes a futuristic temple allowing those who use it to leave their everyday lives far behind them. The new products from the “AXOR Starck” collection designed by Philippe Starck likewise play a key role here. For example, the washstand, bathtub, shower, or accessories like the towel rail all boast the refined AXOR FinishPlus surface “AXOR Polished Black Chrome” which creates a uniform overall appearance.

Utopian dream bathroom concept by design studio Masquespacio
AXOR Starck mixer in black polished chrome
AXOR Suite Bathtub
AXOR Drain
AXOR ShowerComposition

British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby also focused on specific color scenarios in the products they designed for AXOR. Their selection for the "AXOR One" bathroom mixer is called "AXOR One Colors" and includes shades such as "Aquamarine", "Coral", "Ice", "Stone", "Shell" or "Sand". The designers took their inspiration for the range from the natural interaction of light, color, and water. For example, the bluish-green of “Aquamarine” reflects the appearance of a calm sea surface, while “Ice” is a light, muted blue like that found in the layered blues of glaciers and sea ice. “Stone” is a grey that references the intersection of land and sea while “Sand” recalls the color of the shore wet from the ebbing tide. The six faucets, whose glossy finish lends them a certain depth, can also be combined with a variety of different materials – be it enamel and concrete, marble, or wood. This enables design scenarios that are as individual as the people using the bathrooms. Moreover, concepts like “Utopian Dream” and the fittings in the “AXOR One Colors” range show how varied color worlds in the bathroom can be. Not only does AXOR’s current “Make it yours!” campaign supply the necessary inspiration it also shows in a compelling manner how customized luxury can become a reality in a bathroom.

AXOR Color Flow