BDIA Hessen hosts "bdia impuls. hello again" 2021

The BDIA Hessen addresses circular interior design and sustainable portfolio development at its "bdia impuls. hello again" event in Frankfurt am Main.

On 21 October 2021, the Association of German Interior Architects (BDIA) Hessen invites you to the event "bdia impuls. hello again" in Frankfurt am Main to discuss the topics of circular interior design and sustainable stock development. The aim is to critically question one's own practice in the form of lectures and discussions and to discuss new ways of protecting the climate and resources. In the exchange with interior designers and through the presentations of manufacturers and initiatives, a framework for constructive dialogue is to be created.

Speakers at the event are Dirk Hebel, Professor of Sustainable Building and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, and Tina Kammer, who, together with Andrea Herold, has been working in the field of sustainable interior architecture and design with her company InteriorPark since 2010. In conversation with Dominik Campanella, co-founder of restado, a marketplace for reclaimed building materials, and interior designer Larissa Kadner, who is also committed to sustainability in interior design, the topic will include the cycle and substance in interior design.

The event will be moderated by journalist Martina Metzner (abaut). In addition to the live event, the BDIA also offers a livestream with which you can follow the event digitally.

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bdia impuls. hello again

Circulation and substance in interior design

21 October 2021
4 to 9 p.m.
e15 Showroom, Gwinner Strasse 40-46, Building 416, Frankfurt am Main