Featured Project
A turnaround in the office

“PARCS” is celebrating an anniversary: Ten years ago, Bene presented the revolutionary office system to the public.

Today, everyone’s talking about cozy offices. No ambitious office interior can now get by without lounge furniture and informal communication areas. Ten years ago, things looked very different; office furnishing mostly comprised desks, chairs and storage space, at the most with the addition of a separate conference room. International office furniture supplier Bene has been a pioneer in revolutionizing workspaces. Back in 2009 Bene launched PARCS – a furniture series that took a totally different approach and triggered a real turnaround in office interiors.

Designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd created a program for Bene that with its warm tones, soft materials and innovative forms almost heralded something like a paradigm shift. With PARCS it was now possible to create entire work landscapes. The system allows communication zones to be installed between the workplaces; there staff can chat informally and spend time with one another. The idea behind PARCS was to create a culture of encounters in the office and was informed by the concept of park landscapes – places for relaxation, talks and inspiration.

Since the first presentation of PARCS, Bene has realized numerous settings worldwide with the system – more recently for Air Liquide, Livit AG, L'Oreal and Multi Media Marketing, amongst others. It was also the success of PARCS that prompted Bene’s collaboration with the studio PearsonLloyd, which subsequently produced the Bene models "Timba", "Riya", "Bay Chair" and "Settle". Moreover, Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd are currently working on another new project for Bene.