Berker - Light by email!
by Vera Siegmund | Mar 30, 2008

Giving profane installation and facilities systems technology a pleasant and impressive design is truly no easy undertaking. The special presentation by the highly-experienced Sauerland-based company Berker shows that this can best be proven using a real building: The setting has the stuff to easily be the most spectacular at this year's Light & Building. Because it presents the brand world of switches and systems in a mobile "Loftcube" created by Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger: a completely glazed residential unit for urban nomads. What is otherwise to be found on flat roofs in the big cities of today can now be visited for the first time at Frankfurt's trade-fair complex. Especially in the case of mobile architecture such as the "Loftcube" one asks oneself how the technology and lighting works. Berker took up the challenge and has from the very first phases of the project supported Aisslinger's futurist residential concept. Since the cube is designed to frequently change place, the entire installations technology had to be easy and flexible to use - while delivering all the comfort a quite normal house would have.The residential or office container consists of a wooden structure with plastic cladding made of vacuum-molded polystyrene painted white. While the rooms are usually divided by moving panels, for the trade-fair stand the cube has additional peep holes and a "rolling switch", a swiveling presentation surface. Berker makes use of the individualized scope the visionary home offers to give visitors the opportunity to tough/feel the qualities of the interior for themselves. Moreover, the company is presenting additional electronic systems and technological advances: a building automation system accessible from anywhere, house controls that are email-activated, not to mention energy-saving concepts and an outlook on the future of home entertainment. All of this has been developed bearing in mind that intelligent homes also require intelligent systems technology - and a design commensurate with both.Light+Building 2008
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