Best Classical Design

Ayka Design (AE)

Hall 17 Stand D34

Vase Green

Vase Green combines modern colouration with traditional means of manufacture, and reflects the secret of timeless design. The artistic details of the complex pattern possess a three-dimensional texture and are partly overlapping.

Indigo Looms (IN)

Hall 15 Stand C41/2


In Holy Scriptures of the Gujarati culture of north India, the Nandi cows are described as a sign of prosperity. This carpet depicts a particularly colourful group and provides a magical interpretation of a symbol that is important in Hinduism.

Jaipur Rugs (IN)

Hall 17 Stand D38

Kamal from Artisan Originals

Warm colours and interesting asymmetry characterise this collection, which is made using techniques of the traditional Persian art of hand-knotting. The artists use the carpet surface like a canvas to represent their own life story.