Best Design: Studio Artist Carpets

Atelier für Textildesign Beate von Harten (AT)

Chosrau’s Spring Reloaded in 1000 and 1 Hour

The legendary Spring Carpet was created according to a vision of the Persian ruler Chosrau I in the 6th century. Beate von Harten’s poetic re-interpretation of it is hand-knotted, using precious natural materials such as silk, pearls and jewels.

Dena Lawrence from „Firesun“ (AU)


The knotted compositions of artist and art therapist Dena Lawrence, made of pure silk, have a lively, luxurious look. Her flowing, spontaneous style of painting is transferred effectively to the medium of the carpet. Wrap is suitable for both modern and traditionally designed rooms.

Simone Post (NL)

Vlisco recycled

These circular carpets by Simone Post are made from pure cotton, material left over in the Dutch textile factory Vlisco. Their shape refers to the enormous rolls of cloth in factory halls. Every recycled piece is visually unique, with a one-off design.