Best Modern Design: Deluxe

Choudhary Exports (IN)

Hall 17 Stand D21


In dripstone caves, minerals grow up from the ground or hang down from the roof. This natural phenomenon is the inspiration for Stalagmite. Woven from hand-spun silk and wool and one hundred percent recycleable, the carpet has been awarded the GoodWeave label.

Wool and Silk (US)

Hall 17 Stand B54/2


A colourful landscape with subtle shading: in Summit, hand-spun wool and silk are treated in a special dyeing process so that several different shades are generated from one colour. The carpet has received the Step label for fair trade and sustainability.

Zollanvari (CH)

Hall 17 Stand B44/1

Rapture 4 – The Kundan Pure Silk Collection

The newest of eight contemporary designs in this award-winning collection is called Rapture 4. The carpet is manufactured from organic silk and over-dyed with diaphanous colours. This process creates a unique, shimmering texture in several dimensions.