Bouroullec´s World
by Sophia Muckle | Sep 25, 2007
Joyn by Bouroullecs for Vitra

Conventions do not appear to be a fixture in the world of Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec , which perhaps explains the brothers' knack for repeatedly surprising the public with their work. After all, as a place of retreat why should a bed not float like a spaceship on four long legs? And if a team is working on a joint undertaking anyhow why not do so at a large table?

From September 27 to October 20, 2007 the exhibition "The World of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec" in Vitra's Frankfurt showroom will provide insights into the work of the successful brothers. Between practical functionality and the startling re-interpretation of things and behaviors the Bouroullecs have developed a personal design approach that can be described both as functional and emotional. Their designs for Cappellini, Iittala, Habitat and Vitra have been causing a stir for some time and earned laurels for the two by all accounts introverted brothers, brought them publications and solo shows.

The Bouroullecs have cooperated with Vitra for many years. When first created the office system "Joyn" - the formal translation of the "teamwork" concept called on people to re-think ways of working together. The large shared table with several workstations and various working zones reminds us that working with others can be fun, while allowing for the flexible arrangement of each work setting depending on the task. Joyn has now been joined by office swivel chair Worknest.

The new creation by the Bouroullecs will be presented in the Frankfurt Vitra Showroom together with a short film by the same name showing for the first time. Like the "Joyn" office system "Worknest" seeks to liberate the work setting from the conventional concepts of dull office gray using materiality and color. That said, beneath the chair's cozy looking surface slumbers a sophisticated ergonomic system more than equal to the usual office seating.

Joyn by Bouroullecs for Vitra
Slow Chair by Bouroullecs for Vitra
Worknest by Bouroullecs for Vitra