Brühl 2021: "BONGO BAY LOUNGE"

Voluminous is not only the name of the "Bongo Bay Lounge": the further development of the "Bongo Bay" collection by Brühl focuses on maximum comfort.

Kati Meyer-Brühl, creative director of Brühl, creates the frame and backrests of the "Bongo Bay Lounge" sofa with curved lines as if from a single mould. With a choice of opening to the footwell on the right or left, a generous seat surface of 180 centimetres and a seat depth of between 64 and 80 centimetres, "Bongo Bay Lounge" combines the advantages of a recamiere and a sofa landscape. The seamless creation of a sofa ensemble is also possible. Thanks to the organic shape and arched recesses in the floor area, the design appears light despite the lush upholstery and can be harmoniously integrated into the room design. Another practical feature when a change of colour is required: all covers of the "Bongo Bay Lounge" are removable. (am)