Brunner 2022: MUDRA

With "mudra", Brunner and Diez Office have developed a molded wood chair that convinces with its versatile application possibilities as well as a clear design language.

"mudra" is the first result of the collaboration between the Munich designer Stefan Diez and the contract furniture manufacturer Brunner from Baden. The molded wood chair has a variety of uses and convinces with its clear design language. To achieve this, Brunner and Stefan Diez worked with 3D molded wood technology and a high level of manufacturing complexity: "We wanted to extract what captures 70 years of plywood history in the best sense of the word. Mudra is all about evolution," says Stefan Diez. The chair's name comes from the term for symbolic hand gestures from Hinduism and Buddhism. It also refers to the organic loop shape of 17th century baroque chair designs, which is why the backrest of "mudra" with its open loop shape is a central design element. Overall, only sustainable, easily recyclable or recycled materials are used in production, which can also be easily separated by type. In addition, individual parts can be easily exchanged and replaced. "mudra" is available with both a steel frame and a wooden frame. The steel frame is particularly suitable for use in cafeterias, canteens or restaurants, while the wooden frame with its homely character is intended primarily for the professional context or hotel lobbies.