A perfect fit in every room: At the imm cologne 2020, Jeannette Altherr and burgbad present the advanced development of the "MYA" collection.

Well-considered and visionary

With imm cologne 2020 in mind, Jeannette Altherr has expanded “MYA”, which used to be exclusively a bathroom furniture collection by burgbad and, just like the case with Stefan Diez’s “RGB”, has allowed the boundaries between the different living environments to become blurred.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 1/13/2020

Visually restrained and still something special. Natural materials with a warm feel to them, such as solid wood and fine leather combined with cool metal. Surprisingly versatile in terms of function and still intuitively understandable. “This balance is characteristic of MYA,” explains Jeannette Altherr. For imm cologne 2020 the designer has joined up with burgbad to present their new additions to the collection. Life is dynamic, we go through many different phases and our environment can’t simply remain static,” she reports. Which is why the new modular system now also offers a large number of elements that make it a reliable helpmate in our hectic daily lives, and not just in the bathroom – its main bodies and shelves made of wood and metal come in different sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes – as bedside tables or kitchen shelves, as washstands or sideboards. With wooden drawers or a removable tray, a new, customized arrangement can be created in next to no time. With its aesthetics of the archetypal, “MYA”, an acronym of “million years ago”, also fits in with all manner of different architectures. Pared-down lines and perfect craftsmanship give MYA the feel of a haven of tranquility. Its practical usefulness, right down to the smallest details, are also visible in the new accessories for this multifunctional concept – for instance, in the cone-shaped container “VIV” made of recycled plastic which can also be inverted to make it a stable stool. With a wooden lid it can be transformed into a side table. Or hung up from a rod made of ash and a leather strap which, on practical hooks, gives those everyday bits and bobs – everything from a kitchen hand-towel to a jewelry chain – a place of their own. A blessing in these days of urban micro-living, but not only then. With her open system “MYA”, Altherr has created something that is equally at home in large spaces, but that puts us in mind of the basics, gives us new scope for concentration, appreciation and mindfulness. “Courage means reacting to changes in society in a visionary way, not conservatively,” explains Altherr.

Durable Expertise

All MYA’s standalone elements can be completely dismantled and moved into a completely different environment. MYA’s durability is not just restricted to its materials – since Altherr sees the system as a lifelong companion, one that grows over the years and can be integrated into any new environment. At the same time, with its soft lines and perfect proportions, the collection creates a homelike atmosphere, one that elicits pleasant emotions. This exudes security, durability, warmth and naturalness. “Grounded” is what Altherr calls the natural feel there is to “MYA”, which is more reminiscent of manual craftsmanship than it is of industrial manufacture. Inspired by the simple aesthetics of the wooden furniture made by the master craftsmen of the fundamentalist Christian Shaker movement, it has no need of visual allurements. The colors of the painted metal surfaces pick up on the colors of the wood and they look calm and clear on all levels. Even the screw joints are hidden. And with their matte paint, the oak surfaces radiate a natural elegance; the optional shade of deep black lends them greater depth. Everything matches everything else, right down to the last detail. A principle that creates a harmonious overall appearance in any combination. “It is its individual use that brings the collection to life,” explains Altherr.

In developing “MYA”, burgbad did not shy away from any new challenges so that it would meet the high standards – be these in the metal processing or the environmentally sound process used for tanning the leather elements. As with the modular “RGB” furniture by Stefan Diez made of colored glass corpuses, with “MYA” this forward-looking company has also demonstrated what it is capable of. “Over the past years, burgbad has changed its approach a great deal,” explains Altherr, adding: “As Head of Marketing, Sabine Meissner always takes new ideas forwards, testing every step for its logicality. We developed the modular concept jointly in a kind of ping-pong match. I find this creative collaboration great fun.” Overall, expanding the scope of “MYA” took three years. “We allow ourselves to be bold, every step is well-considered and without a sense of pressure because we want to create a high-quality product, one that is believable,” reports Meissner.

"MYA" by Jeanette Altherr
"RGB" by Stefan Diez

Contrasting but connected at imm cologne

Studio Altherr Desile Park has handled the art direction for burgbad’s presentation at imm cologne 2020. Across a total area of 80 m² of the trade-fair booth, they will be contrasting “MYA” with the more solid “RGB” system by Stefan Diez with its urban flair. Two different ranges, two ends of the spectrum – aluminum profiles, sharp edges and expanses of glass in radiant colors, wall-mounted on concrete in “RGB”. Wood and natural materials, rounded shapes and restrained tones in the free-standing system that is “MYA”. The contrast could not be greater and yet the presentation will also be focusing on the elements that link the two collections – the durability angle of wanting to offer a maximum of options with as few individual parts as possible. And the great flexibility offered by both burgbad’s modular furniture systems in all living environments – from the bathroom from to the hall to the kitchen.

burgbad at imm cologne 2020: Hall 2.2, stand C006

Stefan Diez (Diez Office), Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile (Studio Altherr Desile Park), Sabine Meissner (burgbad)