Camira 2021: QUEST

"Quest" is the name of Camira's new fabric, which reflects the English textile manufacturer's efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.

To help clean up the world's oceans from plastic waste, Camira cooperates with the SEAQUAL Initiative, which recycles the plastic as raw material to make high-tech yarn. Camira thus spins the SEAQUAL yarn to create new fabrics, such as "Oceanic", which was introduced last year. With the lightweight polyester fabric "Quest", Camira now offers an exciting addition to its portfolio: The structural fabric features a balanced hopsack weave, for which two warp and weft threads are continuously woven in parallel. In combination with the SEAQUAL yarn, this results in a two-colour woven structure. "Created with a conscience, Quest is a beautiful addition to our SEAQUAL collection of fabrics, and we are so proud to continue our partnership with the SEAQUAL Initiative. Woven entirely from recycled plastic, it really does epitomise waste made wonderful, and, with its casually elegant aesthetic and evocative colour palette, it’s the ideal textile for inclusion in contemporary commercial interiors with a sustainable ethos" says Lynn Kingdon, Head of Creative at Camira. In collaboration with contemporary landscape artist Maggie Cochran, the launch will also include a large-scale artwork featuring shades inspired by the "Quest" colour palette. (am)