Carl Hansen & Søn 2021: PLICO

"Plico" is the name of the folding lounge chair with striking details and elegant frame from the Swinging Sixties, which Carl Hansen & Søn is now reviving.

Conceived in 1964 by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm, the "Plico" lounge chair by Carl Hansen & Søn displays a surprising nonchalance in addition to the traditional craftsmanship of woodworking: straps of core leather stretch across the form as armrests and holders for the neck cushion and, in combination with the striking brass fittings, lend the design a pithy character. With a view to the dynamically shaped frame made of solid oak, whose back legs are slightly bent upwards, and the decorative stitching of the upholstery made of flax linen, "Plico" also creates exciting contrasts between form and material. A solid and sustainable design that still fits perfectly into the current zeitgeist in 2021. And on top of that, it can be folded up at any time to save space. (am)