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Carpets, fibers and yarns
Dec 9, 2015
The carpet tiles of „Traction Avenue Collection“ by Mannington Mills are inspired by the street art world of Los Angeles. Photo © Mannington Mills

The fact that the spotlight is again falling on carpets has, among other things, to do with the successes of “carpet tiles”. Until recently they were simply considered a pragmatic solution, whereas now they are increasingly emerging as a design variant in their own right. Interior designers are using carpet tiles to create veritable worlds of floor patterns, and thus breathing fresh air into otherwise forlorn office spaces.

Carpet tiles in all shapes and sizes and with imaginative designs into the bargain will likewise be on show at the forthcoming DOMOTEX. One especially innovative example: “Zigzag-Tiles” by Fletco, which with their zigzag edges accentuated by color conjure up an appealing playful pattern on floors. Another eye-catcher: the freshly launched “Traction Avenue Collection” by Mannington Mills – the color gradations possible and the optionally textured pattern will certainly cause a stir.

Much is also happening in terms of the qualities on offer, with a clear trend toward high-grade yarns from regenerative sources. Edel Tapijt has created not just one, but two of the carpets chosen for Innovations@DOMOTEX – relying on endless viscose yarn (Tencel) derived from regenerative, natural raw materials: “Poetry” consists of a 65% polyamide and 35% Tencel mixture, making it especially soft. Yet not quite as soft as “Eternity”, a loop-pile product that boasts not just Tencel but also New Zealand wool. “Myrana”, which rounds out Vorwerk’s existing “Fascination” collection, which has been carefully revised by Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo, is also very soft, shimmers gently and comes in marvelous colors such as sunny or golden yellow, red nuances through to pearly white, aqueous blue and misty gray. Moreover, Myrana reduces fine dust particles in rooms and is therefore also well-suited for rooms for people with allergies.

Another topic that is becoming ever more relevant is the additional functions that make textiles more resistant or “interactive”. For example, Swiss manufacturer Tisca Tiara is fielding “T-Pure”, an additional textile mechanism available with most of the products in its collection. If the product comes into contact with moisture, silver ions are activated that serve to counteract bacteria harmful to health and reduce malodorous side effects. (MM)

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The „Zigzag“-Tiles by Fletco with its measures of 50 on 50 centimetres underline the edge by a design feature. Photo © Fletco
„Eternity“ by Edel Tapijt is made of a wool-Tencel-Mix and piece-dyed. Photo © Edel Tapijt
„Myrana“ is a new quality in the collection „Fascination“ by Vorwerk, for whom designer Giulio Ridolfo has created 350 new colours. Photo © Vorwerk