Und Emir Salkic stellt
die Werkbank dazu.

Jan 20, 2016

Here may be no plane in action, but at Zanat’s installation for the “Featured Editions” there are any number of shavings. You can experience first-hand how the Bosnian company adds ornamental carvings to furniture and living accessories – in line with a centuries-old crafts tradition. Architect Emir Salkic has designed a work bench to this end, where the carvers show their skills and anyone can peek over their shoulder in the process.

What do you find special about the craft of carving?

Emir Salkic: First of woodcarving has been practiced in the Niksic family, the owners of Zanat since 1919. Seamless integration of traditional handicraft into modern design form is central not only to Zanat’s design identity, but also to the company’s mission and the vision Zanat is trying to promote. There are multiple and profound reasons behind this. One of them is the desire to preserve the diversity of our cultural heritage. For instance, the craft practiced by Zanat is a nominee for the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Beyond that, craft-oriented design, in particular the design of luxury goods, has the potential to become an important contributor to solving some of the largest socio-economic problems of our time, which are inequality and unemployment!

How did you come up with the idea of a performance?

People in general love to watch our craftsmen at work. They are impressed by their extraordinary skills and passion. It is rare to see something like this in today’s age of automation. We are also well aware of potential benefits in promoting craft-oriented design in furniture making and thought that a live performance would be the best way to illustrate this to the wider furniture industry and design community.

Can one buy the items of furniture carved on location?

We will try to make some smaller decorative items available for sale, such as the beautiful bowls designed for Zanat by the Swedish designer Monica Förster.

Sketch installation for the Featured Editions at the imm cologne 2016. Image © Zanat