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Prague Loft

The open kitchen space in a loft in Prague was outfitted with “Merano” by Ton.
The chair "Merano" by Alexander Gufler fits perfectly into the elegant interior architecture of the loft with its shape as if cast from a single piece.

The spacious halls in an industrial build in Prague dating from 1924 and designed by Karel Bukovsky have been extensively modernized and are now home to 68 apartments, including the loft simply called “Loft F5.04”. The architects at SMLXL Studio have consciously retained the industrial feel of the former factory: beams on the ceilings, walls made of fair-faced concrete, and a floor made of light screed define the charm of the very bright rooms that are a full 3 meters high.

For the open kitchen, Klára Valová at Studio SMLXL chose an island of grey dyed wood with a white top made of the solid surface material Corian. The ensemble is rounded out by six white “Merano” chairs by Ton. The chair, designed by Alexander Gufler and shaped as if cast from a single piece, fits perfectly in the elegant, precisely detailed interior. A combination of solid base frame and bent plywood for the seat and backrest, the chair is light and requires no screws or metal parts. And “Merano” is very comfortable, as the two axes of the plywood sides are joined such as to allow give.

The minimalist interior of the “Loft F5.04” kitchen is subverted by two swings that hang by black ropes from the ceiling. They serve as an alternative to bar stools. The combination of grey concrete, dark-brown wood and white furniture creates exciting contrasts and gives the cool stringency of the former industrial premises a lighter touch. (am)

The combination of gray concrete, dark brown wood and white furniture creates exciting contrasts and takes the former industrial space the cool austerity.
Klára Valová from Studio SMLXL decided to use a kitchen island made of gray stained wood for the open-plan living room.
A white table top made of the Corian mineral material connects to the kitchen island and is served by six white "Merano" chairs from clay to the dining table.
The "Loft F5.04" is one of the 68 apartments that were built in Prague in 1924 by the architect Karel Bukovsky.
The decor has been deliberately reserved to underline the clean lines of the rooms.