Classic C

„Esedra“ von Luca Nichetto für Ethimo

Apr 9, 2016
Photos © Ethimo

Draußen sitzt man offenbar gerne mal klassisch in einer schützenden Nische.

“Esedra” is a range of outdoor furniture Luca Nichetto has designed for Ethimo. There is a balanced look to the set, which Nichetto achieves by featuring the classic “C” shape and combining aluminum with woven synthetic fiber of different densities and teak.
Even with white bases and bright summery upholstery “Esedra” exudes a certain sense of true high-end refinement mingled with a hint of nostalgia. The collection encompasses Esedra Chair, Lounge Chair, a Esedra Sofa, Esedra Table, Esedra Coffee Table and Side Table. (tw)