Cleaf 2021: RIGA

Swinging design in the room with the "Riga" surface finish by Cleaf.

Cleaf brings dynamism into the room with "Riga": the texture of the high-quality panelling, which is available as panel, laminate and edging, offers an exciting look with a clear line progression. With the alternation of dark lines on a light background and light lines on a dark background, "Riga" creates an exciting three-dimensionality. Classic elements with a contemporary touch: For the colour scheme, there is a wide range of options to choose from – such as monochrome versions that bring their own character to the room via the structure in combination with the uniformity of the colour. For product development, Cleaf can draw on a wealth of experience: The Italian family business has specialised in coated panels, laminates and edgebands for furniture and interior design since 1975. (am)