Clear lines for outdoor areas
von | 12/18/2014

The most attractive feature of the Kö-Bogen, a shopping center and office building in Düsseldorf designed by Daniel Libeskind, is its exciting and eye-catching frontage made of natural white stone and glass. And although this ensemble of buildings has been open to visitors since 2013, construction work has only just finished – the two atriums, which border directly on the shopping center, were not completed until this year.

Libeskind decided against lighting the atriums in their entirety, and instead used a few well-placed spotlights to create intimate, atmospheric lighting. With this in mind, LED light lines by ADO Lights, a recently launched TTC Timmler brand, were integrated into the plant beds and the edges of the drainage channels. These completely sealed built-in lights produce a homogenous, surface lighting effect without visible LED spots. Placed close to the ground they create a shining frame for the rectangular plant boxes, bathing the plants in a warm white light.

On the drainage channels, the light lines were integrated parallel to the linear gratings in the slitted drainage channels and also trace the outlines of the edges of the building here on the ground, as well. Cleverly placed in this way, the lights not only lend the edges additional spatial depth, they simultaneously represent a guidance system for visitors. These light lines are extremely robust – come with stainless steel frames, they can be walked or driven over and are thus ideal for busy areas.

The trees in the two atriums are illuminated by ten spotlights from the “Around-Bodenstrahler” range, a 45°-angle of radiation and glare-free light, thus allowing them to be effectively staged. Since these lights only generate a small amount of heat the plants are not damaged, even when the lighting is not switched off for a long time.

Atmospheric lighting: The light lines artistically highlight the edges of the drainage channels. <br/>Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
The light lines and the linear grating made of stainless steel supplied by TTC Timmler combine to form a tasteful and restrained detail of the atrium design. Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
Minimalist design: The façade guttering with linear grating made of stainless steel by TTC Timmler. Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
Shopping, strolling, working: The Kö-Bogen on Schadowplatz in downtown Düsseldorf. <br/>Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
The LED light lines by ADO Lights cleverly focus attention on the plants in the atrium. <br/>Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
Geometry of slants and straight lines: Detail of the shopping center’s façade. <br/>Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.
TTC Timmler also suppTTC Timmler also supplied high-quality mats for the shopping center’s entrance area. Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.lied high-quality mats for the shopping center’s entrance area. Photo © ADO Lights / Artdoku.

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