Clever and smart
May 19, 2016

Cubic, plain and with clear lines – this is how Biefang
Pemsel Architekten describe their design for a spacious detached home just outside Nuremberg. Three white cubes are stacked elegantly on top of one another to create a house that seems to defy gravity while offering a panoramic view out over the surrounding countryside as far as Nuremberg itself. The building may look plain at first glance, but in fact boasts an elegantly pared-down shape coupled with as good as invisible facilities technology in the floors, walls and ceilings. In fact, a Gira Homeserver provides central control of the sunshades, ventilation and the loudspeakers integrated into the
concrete ceilings.

The client wanted energy and heating costs to be kept to a minimum – across the entire luxurious 250 square-meter home. The result are spacious windows boasting triple glazing, a solar plant on the roof to support warm-water provisions, and an electric air heat pump that keeps the rooms pleasantly temperate. In this way, the house almost achieves the passivhaus standard – with an annual consumption of only 18 kWh per square meter for heating – compared to an average for detached homes of 160 kWh.

The client wanted the house not only to be beautiful and energy-efficient, but intelligent into the bargain. For this reason, a Gira KNX system was introduced to network all the facility technology components. A Gira HomeServer provides central control of the different units, such as the music system, the blinds, and the heating, which then obey either the residents’ spontaneous wishes or run according to pre-defined and programmed scenarios. Ranging from discrete music combined with mood lighting, adjustments to the window blinds by the Gira weather station, through to practical energy savings: the networks and intelligent house has achieved truly comfortable standards. Only a few years ago, what it does sounded more like sci-fi dreamed up by engineering students, but now thanks to Gira it is a reality: versatile, controllable facilities technology. And of course controls that can be activated from on the road by iPad or iPhone. (rw)

Energy-efficient buildings can even look like this: The well-insulated private home has a luxurious and inviting appearance. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

Triple glazing offers great views out and saves energy at the same time.
Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

The architects have integrated countless luminaires into the ceiling and walls to leave plenty of room for the art of Petra Naumann. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

Light mood and music can be centrally controlled using the Gira HomeServer.
Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

Left: The client wanted guaranteed views of the countryside and not just from the roof terrace.
Right: Lines of visions and views of the outside world create a truly spacious feel inside.
Photos © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

The extensive glazing makes the upper volume seem almost to float. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

A relaxing bath includes an ambience created by the right lighting, all controlled by the Gira HomeServer. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

Touch sensors by Gira in the individual rooms enable those inside the house to adjust the lights, music and blinds at will. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

You can also use a tablet PC to communicate with the KNX system. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira

When you’re on the road, you can access the facilities technology using your Smartphone. Photo © Ulrich Beuttenmüller / Gira