Closing fast 21: Still alive...
Dec 21, 2015
That's how Christmas works digital for Ikea. Photo © Ikea

Still alive or simply just partying? In Sweden, the winters are long and dark and no one likes being alone then. Which is possibly why Ikea has just launched an online platform in Germany where people can hook up to meet and party together at Christmas. The idea has been given the name “Things are festive together”. And the linguistically so finely spiced term “Guestaurant” is the place where people who are so inclined can agree online to cook, bake, eat and party together. Not that there’s any need to object to this. After all, this is the year 2015, or Year X of the social networks and event marketing.

Elke, Kerstin and Liam have already registered as guests. By contrast, Nicole from Einhornhausen will be hosting, and comments: “Let’s spend a great, leisurely and entertaining pre-Xmas evening together chewing away at unicorn-pastries over a glass or three of sweet wine – get to know each other and simply enjoy each other’s company!! :) My decorations are inspired by Sweden.”

Not that we know whether they include Stornäs and Kaustby or Melltorp and Reidar. And the dark of winter conceals whether food will be served on Färgrik or Dinera. But one thing is for sure, namely that if you aren’t sure what “inspired by Sweden” is, then grab “hej”, Ikea’s “walk-through home magazine” and find a few suitable ideas. After all, at Ikea “this year everything revolves around life in the kitchen. It is here that those special everyday moments get celebrated.” Honi soit qui mal y pense.

If you click on “Dining Room” in the magazine, then you can enjoy the following cool tip by “Lisl”: “Be nice to drinking”. Underneath which we read: “Whisky bottles need a nice place to stand, too. Some bottles have great shapes, so team them up with beautiful furniture and there you go. The ‘Medieval’ look of the lockable cupboard will certainly catch the one or other eye.” Strangely, Ikea never talked about drinking. Yet we all know that the real question up North should be: Still partying or already drinking? The Swede-o-meter that calculates how to best party Swedish-style sadly does not yet seem to be on offer. (tw)ästaurant
Life@Home Report 2015:

Eating together with Malm & Co. ... Photo © Ikea
...having fun at Christmas. Photo © Ikea