Closing fast: Keep pace with us!
Dec 13, 2015

You surely have been moving for a while by the time it comes to hitting the home straight and closing fast on the finishing line. Be it running, biking, walking or riding. Or, metaphorically speaking, you must have been pondering, exploring, outlining, and experiencing a lot, and then thinking it all through. You may have encountered the one or other surprising thing along the way, not to mention countless different people. You may have noticed the one or other thing, sometimes precisely when exhaustion drained your legs, left your head empty, and prompted you just for the briefest of moments to contemplate giving up. But you kept going, you endured. And now, with the end in sight, you’re mustering all your power, digging deep, and ramping up the speed.

And we likewise intend to keep the pedal to the floor. With the year fast closing on its end, and we can look back on 334 days, we’re ready to hit the home straight. With plenty of energy at hand for when we need it, simply relying on burning up what’s left in the tank.

So best would be to simply join us for the ride, every day, right through December. After all, even just before the finishing line there’s still much to discover along the way – in the fields of architecture, design, literature and art. So make certain you keep pace with us... (tw)