Pine planks “Shou Sugi Ban” by Havwoods

Selected innovations from Innovations@DOMOTEX
Parquet and laminate floors

Tropical woods with globally recognized certification and wooden flooring with a used look were clear trends among the Innovations@DOMOTEX 2017. Many companies make use of wooden surfaces in their new products, which look like they have grown naturally and boast a pleasant, three-dimensional feel. Parquet flooring is offered in a broad range of dimensions and woods, with a high level of design quality.

Patched-up knot-holes and uneven surfaces create the raw aesthetic of “Antique Rustic Decking”, which is being exhibited by Peruvian company Pacific Wood. The 100% FSC-certified tropical wood is worked manually in the country of origin, with the aim of securing jobs there. Another Peruvian exhibit: the “Munay Deck” outdoor planks by Maderera Río Acre. They are manufactured from small wooden strips, which form an intriguingly structured surface and would otherwise end up as waste. With “Medieval Castle”, Polish manufacturer Baltic Wood presents a wooden floor with a used look, which convinces thanks to the extraordinary width of its fishbone elements and can be laid quickly.

Lively patterns are brought to flooring by British firm Havwoods and Abovo Wood from Lithuania. With its new exhibit “Shou Sugi Ban”, the company is presenting strongly color-contrasting pine planks that are also suitable for furniture construction. “Minoa” from Abovo Wood adds an almost royal touch with the perfect craftsmanship of its brass details. The inlays consist of one sole laser-cut brass part, which is fitted flush with the wood so there are no sharp edges. (he)

“Antique Rustic Decking” by Pacific Wood
“Minoa” by Abovo Wood