Aquamoon turns showering into an experience

Aquamoon* is our answer to the growing desire for balance and vital energy,” explains Andreas Dornbracht, managing partner at Dornbracht. “Aquamoon” offers three special types of flow modes, each of which makes for a different, emotional experience of water. The flow mode “Tempest,” for instance, does not follow any sense of logic, but simply the nature of water. Soft rain drops fall onto the body seemingly without pressure, akin to a rain shower during a storm. With the “Aqua Circle” setting selected, the water forms a soft funnel that is focused to form a strong stream when the flow rate is increased. The flow mode “Queen’s Collar” is a semi-circular cascade reminiscent of a waterfall, which softly massages the head and shoulders.

The emotional effect is further heightened by a unique lighting atmosphere reminiscent of moonlight that makes for ultimate relaxation. The various functions are embedded in a minimalistic design optimized for flush mounting into the ceiling. “It’s not about the object,” says Michael Neumayr, Aquamoon product designer. “The almost complete non-existence of the design elevates the physical and emotional experiences to an entirely new level.”

*US Market: Rainmoon, with two flow modes “Tempest” and “Aqua Circle”

"Aquamoon" by Dornbracht combines a fascinating lighting scenario with three different types of flow mode: "Queen's Collar", "Aqua Circle", and "Tempest" (from left to right)